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How does your Refer-A-Friend advocacy program work?

Our referral marketing program is managed by Extole. Sharing the love is easy.

It pays to spread the word about Avocado!

We've partnered with Extole — the leading enterprise advocacy platform — to reward advocates for their friends' online purchases. Participation is optional.

Here is how it works: 

  1. Enter your email in the Extole modal window, which is accessible in the footer of the website, after purchase and via email after your purchase. 
  2. Enter your friends' email addresses in the window, separated via a comma if you would like to refer more than one person. We recommend that you use core content in the provided note. But feel free to customize it, as needed, to personalize the message.
  3. Send the email, or opt to share the offer via email, Facebook, Twitter or Messenger. There is no limit to the amount of sharing or the amount of money an advocate can receive.
  4. When your friends make a purchase, they must use your unique coupon code that the Extole platform provides. If they do not use your unique code, you will not receive credit.
  5. After your friends complete their sleep trial, you will receive a $50 prepaid Visa® gift card via email. 

Please note: Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Our sleep trial period begins upon delivery of our merchandise, advocates typically receive their gift card approximately 120 days after the original transaction. This is required to eliminate fraud and abuse of the platform.


  1. Do I have to make a purchase to become an advocate?
    Although most of our advocates are customers, a purchase is not required. Just visit this link and follow the simple directions on the Extole modal window.
  2. Can I continue to advocate for Avocado even after I receive my reward?
    Yes. Just visit this link, and following the simple directions in the Extole modal window. Pro tip: advocates that share to Facebook typically receive the highest number of reward conversions.
  3. How do you prevent fraud and abuse of your referral marketing platform? 
    We only distribute rewards after the trial period is concluded, use unique coupon codes, employ unique referral ID, and leverage Extole's platform to monitor and alert us against fraud protection. Referrals are also not applicable for the same household.
  4. Do I need to be concerned with sharing the email address of my friends?
    No. Extole is a third-party referral marketing platform. We do not use this data, other than this specific referral marketing application.
  5. What happens if my friends do not use my unique offer code when making their purchase online?
    We have no way of tracking or confirming this sale, and can not extend financial rewards via Extole.
  6. Can I look up my account to see my stats?
    Yes, there is a dashboard that provides this information. There is a link at the bottom of your referral window. Or visit this link directly.
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