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How does your 1-Year Risk-Free Sleep Trial work?

All Avocado Green Mattresses purchased directly from us come with a risk-free 1-year sleep trial.


For Avocado Green Mattresses & Avocado Vegan Mattresses, here’s how it works:

  1. Try the mattress for up to 1 year. Your trial starts at your delivery date.
  2. Read our Sleep Trial Success Tips article, which provides valuable insights and solutions to common issues. 
  3. Not Satisfied? Contact us. We will give you a call to gather some feedback and give us a chance to make it right! Please note: It takes time to adjust to any new mattress. Although we do not put requirements on how long you must sleep on your new mattress before requesting a Sleep Trial Return, we do respectfully ask that you give it a fair and honest trial to see if you sleep more deeply, breathe more easily and wake more refreshed and energized as you adjust to your new mattress. Should you wish to proceed with a return, we will work with you to arrange everything. There are no charges for restocking or return pickups. 
  4. For mattress returns, our support team will transfer you to our sustainability team for the donation process. Please be patient as the process for finding and arranging for a donation can take time. We love a team effort and welcome leads that you might have for donation in your area! If we cannot secure a place for donation, we will make every effort to recycle the mattress (in very rare cases recycling facilities are not available). Returned mattresses are never resold. You do not have to box or ship the mattress back to us.
  5. Refunds are paid AFTER the mattress is RECEIVED in good condition by Avocado Mattress for recycling or charitable donation, or a charitable donation is verified. Verification is with a receipt and photo of the donation since in most cases a 3rd party organization will pick-up the mattress. This is to eliminate the gray market of returned mattresses.
  6. Exclusions: (1) If you finance your mattress via Affirm, you’ll receive a full refund from us, but we can not refund financing fees paid to date directly to Affirm. (2) The risk-free sleep trial is limited to two mattresses per household. Why the limit? Most other direct-to-consumer mattress companies charge for return shipping or restocking fees. They hide these sneaky fees within their terms and conditions to limit returns by making the cost and hassle too high for the customer to proceed. We do not. On the contrary, we cover everything and make returns easy. Purchases at Avocado are truly risk-free. (3) Products must be in a condition suitable for donation to be eligible for return (i.e., no stains, tears, excessive odors or soiling). We request photo(s) to confirm that your mattress is in appropriate condition to be donated. Protect your mattress with our Organic Mattress Pad Protector. (4) This 1-year trial period is effective for purchases made on or after June 28, 2019. Purchases made prior to that date remain within a 100-night trial period.


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