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Which bed frame is right for me?

Our Eco Wood Bed Frame has been designed to offer an elevated platform without the need for a headboard. With a minimal design, it features 10 inches of clearance under the side rails of the bed — a space ideal for storage. But because the platform is 16 inches off the ground, it may not be suitable for younger toddlers or children, who could be at risk for rolling out of bed, or for individuals that have difficulty getting in and out of bed. For a lower, more accessible platform, our Natural Wood Bed Frame is a great option. Our Eco Wood Bed Frame is ideally suited to effortlessly support an Avocado mattress, while allowing for ample airflow.


Natural Wood Bed Frame

Our Natural Wood Bed Frame offers a low platform, but also reduces or eliminates the space under the rails for potential storage. However, it does features a substantial headboard, with a more traditional aesthetic. Our Natural Wood Bed Frame will easily support an Avocado mattress, while permitting allowing for ample airflow through the slats.

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