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What do you wash your wool in?

Our 100% GOTS Organic Certified and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Wool goes through many different stages of GOTS compliant processing, before arriving at your doorstep in the form of the final product. The first amongst them is called Scouring (washing).

For scouring, or simply washing, the primary medium of washing is water, heated to a temperature of about 65 degrees Celsius. To facilitate this, help is taken of a GOTS approved surfactant. We are using IGSURF-3399, which is manufactured by Indian Glycols Ltd. and certified by Control Union (CU) and thus, meets the most stringent norms. It is added to the water in the defined ratios. The surfactant helps in the removal of all the dirt and soil from the wool.

 Following this, the wool is then treated with fresh water, and then rinsed and dried for further production processes.

According to the manufacturer of the surfactant:

“IGSURF-3399 is a GOTS approved, non APEO based eco-friendly emulsifier, scouring/wetting agent for the processing of wool, cotton and blended fibers. This product is specially designed based on fatty alcohol alkoxylates suitable for high temperature application.

IGSURF-3399 is free from Alkyl Phenol. It removes the sizing chemicals, dirts, soils, stains from the fibers because of its high detergency property. The detergency of IGSURF-3399 is due to the optimization of its HLB value and hydrophobic chain length. Its surface wetting property enhances the pretreatment process. IGSURF-3399 is primarily biodegradable.”

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